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1236392_518156088272074_1640830470_nIts time to acknowledge the truth that cannabis users are not criminals.

They are victims of a system developed around a direct attack by our former leaders & their advisors. Specifically Nixon & Anslinger who declared a war on drugs along with running a smear campaign on marijuana scaring the citizens into siding with their campaign.

This was the true criminal act that was committed.

More so, the offenders of the crime would go on to live there lives punishment free. Although they committed a crime that has affected us down to the very moment that your reading this and hopefully not for to long after.

Your probably wondering what I mean by such a statement.

The war on drugs is one of the biggest contributors to the detrimental amounts of debt that that USA currently has, and has been so for the past 40yrs. So as long as our country continues to wage a futile war things will be an uphill struggle to save our country along with its economic value. We the people are being kept from living it the truly rich and fruitful country that our forefathers had dealt of long ago. As a matter of fact we are living in the system in which Ben Franklin fear most, a monetary controlled by crafty foreigners.

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(In case you didn’t know the FED is submissive to the world bankers & big corporations as are many other countries.)

Yet the dispensary owners,care givers, medicinal users and just average smoker who prefers less harmless marijuana/cannabis over nasty chemical soaked cigarettes.

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Although vaporizers are not new, considering they are widely used by chefs and for aromatherapy it’s gaining popularity with the masses. People are realizing there are many healthier ways to live life and needless to say they are preferring it to the norm.


It’s TIME for US to be the CHANGE we want to see in THE WORLD.