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The 420 VT (Vape-Torch) by KLCo.

420-vaporizerAs a heavy and avid smoker i have found that here is one issue that no dry flower pen style vaporizer has yet get around, the super small heating chamber. Although it is not as large of a chamber as we’re striving for but the 420 VT (Vape-Torch) by KiteLifeCo. has a significantly larger heating chamber in comparison to all non 420 VT pen style vaporizers. Recently up until  doing some further research, I’d believed that vaporizing was only achieved when a battery heated a source to a certain temperature (360-420 + degrees)causing thinner smoke/vapor to be produced.

Well in true 420 fashion I went digging for facts & new toys.

Of course in this search i found the regular 420 toys like water pipes, grinders & vaporizers amongst other things. Then I went looking for multifunctional 420 apparatuses, little to my surprise there were more then expected. This specific piece by KiteLifeCo. 420 VT is a vaporizer that can be taken apart in to 3 pieces, one of which is a butane torch lighter. Being refillable and no need to recharge as long as you have a can of butane in your arsenal you will never worry about a “dead battery”. It is suitable for the 420 enthusiast that likes to sneak a pull or 2 at a moments notice.

They haven’t set an official release of the unit, although its rumored to be 1-2 weeks after they fulfill the 420 limited edition order.

You can be one of the first by participating in their 420 promotion.

 What makes the 420 VT so enticing?

Nothing to charge

Nothing to grind,

Multiple uses,

Larger heating chamber

Check them out at www.klco420com

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& Remember its 420 somewhere in the world so enjoy every 420 moment possible :D***-hemp-420