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The prohibition ( hemp & others) that has crippled this country for the past 4 & a 1/2 decades know no limit as to its reach and effects.Bob-Marley-Herb-is-healing               I don’t think that when we started, we were given grain, fruit, flower and herb for just any reason. Or that when we started farming, that we would ever be so foolish as to fight the natural benefits of all plants.

No; the spreading of ignorance just continues, although signs of experimentation with taking the opposite direction (not only with hemp) are strong.64415_367682390023895_635454721_n

Just finished watching “Hungry for Change” (while enjoying some hemp tea) and I believe it’s documentaries like this that present compelling evidence against not only failed drug policies, but along the efforts to legalization of marijuana {hemp}. This documentary although having absolutely no immediate relation to hemp (aside from a comment or two), makes factual references to the wonderful plant. Most people disregard the fact that hemp/marijuana is a herb a plant(among the many others as stated in the video.)


“No!, it’s a DRUG” is what American &  International law says it is, it’s what we were led to believe. In all actuality you can use hemp seeds to make oil & tea, amongst others things that are good for the human body. Not to mention good for our diets.

Why is it okay to feed us pure chemicals and purposely induce death and other severe/minor health issues?
Why aren't we  allowed to have that choice?
Why does it go through the FDA?
 I mean seriously if I want something who's to tell me that I can't have it?

Really observe this with an open mind (not just as a hemp advocate), MSG is the key ingredient used to fatten lab rats for experiments. This is allowed by the FDA to be put in our food. We can have high fructose corn syrup in cereal & soda which might as well be the same as taking heroin.

We live in a country where we’re not safe to eat why is sold in our local supermarkets. Most of us live in conditions where growing our own is almost impossible or maybe you just don’t have the knowledge or maybe just no green thumb.

Now to the long term focus of my blog: Hemp/Marijuana/Cannabis/Herb

We spend money time and effort fighting hemp, the herb/weed that has so many uses. In my opinion hemp’s the only resource we need aside from water.

Hemp is a multi-functional resource that produces endless amounts of reliable, durable products. This one amazing plant {hemp} produces oil, fiber, flower, can be cooked, refined and manufactured not to mention grown and replaced at astonishing rates.hemp

Hemp oil can be used in food to stimulate appetite and senses as well as cause euphorics feelings while being beneficial to the body.

Hemp paper is twice as durable and we get more paper per acre then we do with trees, not to mention we can regrow hemp plants faster then traditional trees.

Hemp fibers are know to be 2-10x as strong as cotton not to mention it can be refined to be as smooth an appealing as egyptian cotton or even silk.


“We the People” of America need to take back our right of free will when it comes to our health. If we want to REALLY save our planet/environment then the ignorance must stop and we must realize that the utilization of hemp is critical to doing so.

Hemp needs to be made, used and praised as a resource and we must make it evident that we know the facts about hemp. Essentially, boycott big businesses that poison us and our planet. Show that the we know it’s all replaceable by hemp and other things found in nature.