Here’s The #1 Way to Vape Dry/Solid material – And I’ll Prove It To You!



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The 420 VT (Vape-Torch) by KLCo.

420-vaporizerAs a heavy and avid smoker i have found that here is one issue that no dry flower pen style vaporizer has yet get around, the super small heating chamber. Although it is not as large of a chamber as we’re striving for but the 420 VT (Vape-Torch) by KiteLifeCo. has a significantly larger heating chamber in comparison to all non 420 VT pen style vaporizers. Recently up until  doing some further research, I’d believed that vaporizing was only achieved when a battery heated a source to a certain temperature (360-420 + degrees)causing thinner smoke/vapor to be produced.

Well in true 420 fashion I went digging for facts & new toys.

Of course in this search i found the regular 420 toys like water pipes, grinders & vaporizers amongst other things. Then I went looking for multifunctional 420 apparatuses, little to my surprise there were more then expected. This specific piece by KiteLifeCo. 420 VT is a vaporizer that can be taken apart in to 3 pieces, one of which is a butane torch lighter. Being refillable and no need to recharge as long as you have a can of butane in your arsenal you will never worry about a “dead battery”. It is suitable for the 420 enthusiast that likes to sneak a pull or 2 at a moments notice.

They haven’t set an official release of the unit, although its rumored to be 1-2 weeks after they fulfill the 420 limited edition order.

You can be one of the first by participating in their 420 promotion.

 What makes the 420 VT so enticing?

Nothing to charge

Nothing to grind,

Multiple uses,

Larger heating chamber

Check them out at www.klco420com

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& Remember its 420 somewhere in the world so enjoy every 420 moment possible :D***-hemp-420


“Electronic Cigarette” the Cigarette of Tomorrow!



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Cigarette(s) are slowly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to organizations like with their unorthodox methods of increasing awareness. Many americans are now switching over to vaporizers, or more popularly known as also known as “E-cigs”. Though a new market, it is booming with growth everyday.  Just like their less healthier counter parts they come in many different brands, forms, styles and even flavors.  Like with anything new you have non-believers along with the old fashion who want the Newport or Malboro cigarette.

What’s vapor?

How is it different from a cigarette?


Why haven’t you switched?

The diagram below will display cigarettes the chemicals that are in them. Alongside of that will be the comparison to a vaporizer or e-cigarette and the process in which we get the healthy vapor(s).breakdown-of-e-cigs-chartAccording to statistics cigarette smoking is the cause for every 1 in 5 deaths in the United States each year. Although this doesn’t stop the abundant amount of cigarette smokers whom pick up a cigarette or two…or few each and every day. This could be because just one cigarette contains well over 4,000 chemicals. These 4,000 plus chemicals help this cancer stick attack many parts of your body.  As shown above it effects your: gastrointestinal, central centralsystem & endocrine systems, your lungs, your heart and your blood. This is just the tip of the iceberg if you want to know more in depth facts and statistics visit

Then There’s


The Electronic cigarette or as I like to think of it, salvation for cigarette smokers, has 4,000 less chemicals in the vapor it produces. Which as a side note makes it more environmentally friendly from the very first pull. This still doesn’t tell you what your smoking though it explains the process. The cartridge with “e-liquid” is usually made up of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) base. The cartridges with nicotine in them are usually nicotine (not positive if pure or diluted, assuming that may vary). Most e-liquids that made of entirely propylene glycol are usually more preferred by avid non-menthol cigarette smokers. Not to mention that a vaporizer (Electronic cigarette) can be purchased and recharged like a cell phone and reused, and parts can be replaced and in some instances interchanged.

No need to ask me why I quit smoking cigarettes and cigars and I hope after the information your just read that you might put that cigarette down. At least think twice before picking up the cancer stick.

Get your Electronic Cigarette today from KiteLifeCo.

@ KiteLifeCo.

Like any good product or idea THERES MORE!!!  


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So stop killing yourself with Cancer Sticks & start enjoying yourself with Vapor Hits!!

What are E-Cigs & How to make Cannabis E-Liquid!!!


Since 2004 the number of traditional cigarettes sold in the United States has fallen 29.6 percent, according to Euromonitor International data; many thanks to organizations like with their unorthodox methods of increasing awareness but in conjunction with the birth of E-Cigs, “regular”  Cigarette(s) are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Many americans are now switching over to vaporizers, or now more popularly known as “E-cigs”. Though a new market, it is booming with growth everyday with sales expecting to grow 24.2% per year through 2018, according to new projections from Research and Markets. Just like their less healthier counter parts they come in many different brands, forms, styles and flavors.

What’s vapor?

How is it different from a regular cigarette?

The diagram below will clarify what is a cigarettes, what chemicals that are in them and it’s side effects. Alongside of that will be…

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We’re not Criminals! Legalize It!


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1236392_518156088272074_1640830470_nIts time to acknowledge the truth that cannabis users are not criminals.

They are victims of a system developed around a direct attack by our former leaders & their advisors. Specifically Nixon & Anslinger who declared a war on drugs along with running a smear campaign on marijuana scaring the citizens into siding with their campaign.

This was the true criminal act that was committed.

More so, the offenders of the crime would go on to live there lives punishment free. Although they committed a crime that has affected us down to the very moment that your reading this and hopefully not for to long after.

Your probably wondering what I mean by such a statement.

The war on drugs is one of the biggest contributors to the detrimental amounts of debt that that USA currently has, and has been so for the past 40yrs. So as long as our country continues to wage a futile war things will be an uphill struggle to save our country along with its economic value. We the people are being kept from living it the truly rich and fruitful country that our forefathers had dealt of long ago. As a matter of fact we are living in the system in which Ben Franklin fear most, a monetary controlled by crafty foreigners.

hemp-cannabis-marijuana-maryjane-vaping-vape-vaporize-aromatherapy-smoking-maryjane-mary jane-420-four twenty-prop 215-smokeshop-legal-legalize it

(In case you didn’t know the FED is submissive to the world bankers & big corporations as are many other countries.)

Yet the dispensary owners,care givers, medicinal users and just average smoker who prefers less harmless marijuana/cannabis over nasty chemical soaked cigarettes.

cheap-good-quality-vaporizer-vapepen-dry-herb-vaporizing,healthy,living-smokers-smoking-clean-electronic-cigarettes-best vaporizer on the market- best price-affordable

Although vaporizers are not new, considering they are widely used by chefs and for aromatherapy it’s gaining popularity with the masses. People are realizing there are many healthier ways to live life and needless to say they are preferring it to the norm.


It’s TIME for US to be the CHANGE we want to see in THE WORLD.


Making a Whole Lot of Noise: Snoop Dogg and Snoop Lion on

Let the SMOKE FLOW!!!!

The Blog

From singer-songwriters to pop-punk bands, we’ve got a huge music community on Did you know that Snoop Dogg — a.k.a. Snoop Lion — is part of it? We’re proud to say that his websites, and, are both on

“I love hearing from my fans — I can’t hear from them if they don’t know what I’ve got going on, so I want them to stay connected to me through my site,” says Snoop.

Let’s take a tour of Snoop’s websites:

Snoop Dogg

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A Dozen Homemade Organic Garden Remedies


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These are some pretty reasonable sounding recipes with good supporting facts….lets give em a try 🙂

Hope Gardens

12 home remedies

Veggie gardens need special care. Vegetable plants are prone to all sorts of disease and fungus. They are highly sought after by pests both big and teeny teeny tiny. A slight negative change in their environment can cause them to stop producing. And we aren’t happy when our veggie garden is just limping along…we want it to thrive!

We also expect our vegetables to be nutritious and safe to eat; and as if that’s not enough, we demand our gardens be harmonious, attractive and a boon to their environment.

This is a lot to ask of our humble garden, but it can be accomplished! Generations of our ancestors have done it, and they’ve done it with less. Maybe we should follow their lead…

You can do it with less by using homemade natural remedies to treat pests and disease. With readily available ingredients, fertilizers too can be mixed up right…

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Hemp, Hemp, Hemp & more Hemp! Hemp the Plant That Can Save a Nation!


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The prohibition ( hemp & others) that has crippled this country for the past 4 & a 1/2 decades know no limit as to its reach and effects.Bob-Marley-Herb-is-healing               I don’t think that when we started, we were given grain, fruit, flower and herb for just any reason. Or that when we started farming, that we would ever be so foolish as to fight the natural benefits of all plants.

No; the spreading of ignorance just continues, although signs of experimentation with taking the opposite direction (not only with hemp) are strong.64415_367682390023895_635454721_n

Just finished watching “Hungry for Change” (while enjoying some hemp tea) and I believe it’s documentaries like this that present compelling evidence against not only failed drug policies, but along the efforts to legalization of marijuana {hemp}. This documentary although having absolutely no immediate relation to hemp (aside from a comment or two), makes factual references to the wonderful plant. Most people disregard the fact that hemp/marijuana is a herb a plant(among the many others as stated in the video.)


“No!, it’s a DRUG” is what American &  International law says it is, it’s what we were led to believe. In all actuality you can use hemp seeds to make oil & tea, amongst others things that are good for the human body. Not to mention good for our diets.

Why is it okay to feed us pure chemicals and purposely induce death and other severe/minor health issues?
Why aren't we  allowed to have that choice?
Why does it go through the FDA?
 I mean seriously if I want something who's to tell me that I can't have it?

Really observe this with an open mind (not just as a hemp advocate), MSG is the key ingredient used to fatten lab rats for experiments. This is allowed by the FDA to be put in our food. We can have high fructose corn syrup in cereal & soda which might as well be the same as taking heroin.

We live in a country where we’re not safe to eat why is sold in our local supermarkets. Most of us live in conditions where growing our own is almost impossible or maybe you just don’t have the knowledge or maybe just no green thumb.

Now to the long term focus of my blog: Hemp/Marijuana/Cannabis/Herb

We spend money time and effort fighting hemp, the herb/weed that has so many uses. In my opinion hemp’s the only resource we need aside from water.

Hemp is a multi-functional resource that produces endless amounts of reliable, durable products. This one amazing plant {hemp} produces oil, fiber, flower, can be cooked, refined and manufactured not to mention grown and replaced at astonishing rates.hemp

Hemp oil can be used in food to stimulate appetite and senses as well as cause euphorics feelings while being beneficial to the body.

Hemp paper is twice as durable and we get more paper per acre then we do with trees, not to mention we can regrow hemp plants faster then traditional trees.

Hemp fibers are know to be 2-10x as strong as cotton not to mention it can be refined to be as smooth an appealing as egyptian cotton or even silk.


“We the People” of America need to take back our right of free will when it comes to our health. If we want to REALLY save our planet/environment then the ignorance must stop and we must realize that the utilization of hemp is critical to doing so.

Hemp needs to be made, used and praised as a resource and we must make it evident that we know the facts about hemp. Essentially, boycott big businesses that poison us and our planet. Show that the we know it’s all replaceable by hemp and other things found in nature.